Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Francisco!

Hola friends, presenting the majestic Francisco! If you’re looking for a kitty that you can show off at parties, how about this hunka chunk of fabulous flufferdom? From a sweet and flirty personality to a huge floofy tail that lasts for days, Francisco is a firm believer is either going big or going home. Although his middle name could be Casanova, Francisco is also the stand-up type of dude that respects your wishes…assuming your wish is scratch his cheeks forever.

A former stray, Francisco comes to his future relationship with you without baggage. He’s pretty much that nice, normal handsome guy you thought couldn’t possibly exist. He’s guessed to be about 5 years old, the age when cats really start to take responsibility for their actions (ok, that part is a lie). So, yes, he does have FIV…let us stifle a yawn. FIV doesn’t mean Francisco can’t live a long time or that he can’t live with other friendly cats. All it means is he needs an indoor home where he’s kept healthy – look it up if you’re not sure! He doesn’t seem to mind other cats, is sweet as can be, and (duh) gorgeous, so we suggest putting a ring on it while you still can.

Francisco is currently at the Hendersonville PetSmart and his adoption fee is discounted, so please stop by PetSmart to meet your future beau!


Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Bullwinkle!

We can’t wait to tell the world that Bullwinkle is a total catch! Before we go on to talk about his wonderful deeper qualities, can we just take a moment to appreciate what a classic good looking guy this dog is? To use the parlance of our times, his eyeliner’s on fleek, his ear spots are lit, and his smile is high-key adorable. Anyway, let us go on.

What most people want is just a Good Dog, and Bullwinkle is it, so let’s find him a home, shall we? This 1 year old social butterfly and “go-anywhere” type would be equally happy checking out the breweries, playing fetch or just cuddling on the couch. He is indeed a total lovebug, and sometimes can’t seem to get close enough! Aside from cuddling, his next life passions are fetch and fresh cut grass, on which he enjoys flopping about exuberantly. A fast learner, Bullwinkle has excellent attention, comes with some nice manners already and is eager to learn more. He’s made lots of doggie friends at our adoption center, but has had to watch all his new buddies find homes while he patiently waits to be noticed. Anyone looking for an instant new best friend or wonderful family dog would be remiss not to give Bullwinkle a closer look. Since he’s been waiting over two weeks for a home, his adoption fee is discounted and he’s ready to go home today! Please stop in to meet this Very Good Boy!


Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Sheena!

If you have a heart the underdogs (or undercats), you know there’s no greater example than a black cat in a shelter. Black cats are the slowest to get adopted, presumably because they carry outdated superstitions about bad luck, but not only are black cats considered GOOD luck in many cultures, but they tend to have very sleek fur that doesn’t shed as much, are very slimming, and sorry, but are just as cute and deserving of a home as any other color kitty. They also look great in multiples – imagine a pack of house panthers!
With all that said, let us shine a spotlight on little Shena. This roughly 3-year old girl was found as a stray so we don’t know her origin story. She’s a bit shy, and that combined with her solid black kitty status has caused her to be totally overlooked so far. We know that without a doubt that she would thrive and open up in a quiet household that shares her passion for sunbathing and baking shows, so please don’t let her potential continue to go unnoticed! Really, few treats and chin scratches are enough to get on her good side forever, and what other friendship is that easy? She’s also the master of the elevator butt so please don’t limit your scratches to chins. Shena would be the perfect kitty to give a second look to during our Adopt a House Panther adoption promo, so please consider stopping in to meet this gentle soul today!