Ginger cat looking into camera

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Paco Taco!

Ginger cat looking into cameraGinger cat fans, beefcake kitty lovers, suckers for seniors, rejoice! We have all your needs met in one fabulous kitty package that is Paco Taco. Paco Taco is a burly cat with a heart of gold, a soft and squeezable pile of orange tabby goodness. This gentle giant was adopted from us two years ago, but sadly his owner recently passed away, so he ended up back in our care again, hoping third time’s a charm. He’s estimated to be around 15 years old, and other than needing to lose a few pounds, he’s in great shape; he even had bloodwork and a thyroid check 6 months ago, and all checked out beautifully! He lived with another kitty in his last home, so other other mellow felines should be fine, and considering his Buddha-like disposition, so should older or cat-savvy kids. His favorite “activities” include snoozing all day in his favorite spots, being near his people and generally being a lovable loaf.

Paco Taco is the current foster cat at the BRHS Thrift Store, where he has many worshipers and the entire staff wrapped around his paws, but his dream come true would be an actual forever home. Senior cats are the best – they don’t ask for much other than an empty lap and a quiet spot to soak up the sunshine. Paco Taco is no exception, and our hearts are hoping someone will recognize what a catch he is very soon. Since he has been in our care over 14 days, his adoption fee is discounted! Please consider stopping by the BRHS Thrift Store to meet Paco Taco!

Collage of 9 photos of white and light tan dog

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Daisy May!

Collage of 9 photos of white and light tan dog

Daisy May is a classic case of “how are they not adopted yet??” Daisy May is a fabulous pup with dog and human social skills that only come around once in a blue moon. Daisy May has earned herself the prestigious title of “Play Group Superstar”, and for good reason – she loves every dog she meets! Seriously folks, dogs like this aren’t a dime a dozen, so what gives? Daisy May is a year old, and lost her home when her owner had to move and couldn’t bring her along. This happy girl loves everyone and fancies herself a lap dog, so people awkward about physical gestures of affection need not apply. Daisy May could moonlight as a supermodel with those long legs of hers, but despite being a bit of an Amazon woman, she walks quite nicely on a leash and already knows some basic commands. Due to her enthusiasm for hugs, we’re recommending older, less knock-over-able children for Daisy May or an adult only home. Another dog to play with would be a huge plus, as would a yard for romping. She’s a well-rounded pup that would make a perfect addition to a home that places equal value on physical fitness and Netflix. With her contagious smile and loving heart, Daisy May is sure to invite pure joy into the lives of the people around her.

Since Daisy May has already been waiting over 14 days for a home,  adopters can spin our wheel for a discounted adoption fee! Please stop in today if you think Daisy May is the one for you, or please share and help us find Daisy May her new family!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Toby!

If dogs could talk, we’re sure that Toby, or Toby the Terrific Tripod, would have an amazing story to tell. He ended up as a stray with a leg already amputated, and we have no idea what happened. We imagine one could work this to your advantage for those really hard to impress friends. Maybe Toby lost his leg to frostbite after guest-starring at the Iditarod, or during an high stakes battle with a shark, or perhaps gnawed it off to free himself after a week trapped under a boulder! It’s really up to you. Toby would be a top-notch wingman; if you think cute dogs are chick (or dude) magnets, just try a friendly tripod with a crazy back story.

In addition, Toby is just an incredibly sweet and good-natured boy with a wiggle and smile for everyone he meets. At a year old, Toby still has lots of playful energy, so don’t think being down a leg really slows him down. Yes, he still loves to run, and he does still want to go on those hikes with you. Toby has been quick to make friends with other dogs his size, but no small dogs or pesky cats, please and thank you. Toby is quick to try and crawl in your lap too, so we think should make a top notch cuddle buddy. During our Wheel of Fortune adoption promo, you can spin the wheel to find out your discounted adoption fee! We’d love to see this wiggle-butt find his new family today, so please stop in to meet Toby!