Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Sundance!

Oh Sundance, where do we even begin. Such a sweet and charismatic kitty should have a line of suitors out the door, if you ask us. It’s hard to be an 8 year old black cat in a shelter during kitten season, but we promised Sundance we’d do our best to get him adopted today. So here goes.

Ok, Sundance lived in a home with two other cats and he is great with all kitties. Also, 100% honest, we have not ever seen a cat get more excited to see a dog in the history of the planet. He will beeline to the window to do his happy pawing thing at every future canine best friend that walks by; it’s heart-breakingly adorable. We’re thinking he’s part prairie dog with his enthusiasm for burrowing – he’s not even scared really, he just likes being under stuff (hint: the covers with you?) Sundance doesn’t love being alone and craves a lot of affection; if you want a cat you know will be snuggly and close, we’ve got your boy. A versatile conversationalist, Sundance enjoys chatting about topics ranging from snacks to art history, and will use his entire moon face to express his creaky meowed opinions. Sundance has a way of making everyone he meets feel loved, and don’t we all need some of that?

If you think Sundance might be the guy for you, we think you’re probably right. His adoption fee is only $20 and he’s ready for you to go home today. Please stop by to meet this special boy at the Hendersonville PetSmart and try not to Fall in Love!

Today’s Featured Pet is Hannah!

Friends, this lovable dork is Hanna. Hanna is about a year old, and was probably either a carny or a car salesman in a past life. Her, sweet, goofy charm is lost on no one; we’re pretty sure the phrase “never met a stranger” was actually coined just for Hanna. She loves affection and always has a smile on her face. At 44 pounds, she is the canine version of a perfect size 6. Apparently, being beautiful, confident and carefree correlates to a favorable outlook on the world.

Hanna did well in playgroup at her previous shelter, and we think she’d love to have a dog friend in the home. She can’t understand why no one has taken note of her beautiful silky coat and affable personality yet, and since she’s already been with us two weeks, her adoption fee is only $20. She knows sit already and tries to keep her kennel clean, so we’re thinking she should grasp housetraining quickly if she’s not already there. She’s a young, smart, active dog that will thrive in a home that can satisfy all her young, smart, active dog needs. Hanna would sure love to ride out this storm with her new family! Please stop in to meet this goober today!

Today’s Featured Pet is Glimmer!

Glimmer is our longest term cat resident, and she needs your help finding her new family! Glimmer showed up at the county shelter as a stray, and being the pretty kitty that she is, you’d think someone would come to claim her, but no one ever did. Glimmer truly lives up to her name, with a beautiful auburn coat and eyes like the sea after a storm. At 8 years old, Glimmer is great age – calm and settled but with years of lap warming ahead of her! As the current foster kitty at Wild Birds Unlimited, Glimmer enjoys assisting with inventory and payroll (as well as testing bird baths out for customers). Here’s what they had to say about her:

“She’s a really sweet girl who loves attention and wants to be petted/adored. She likes to “help” with office work, enjoys her food and comes when she is called. She’s gentle and loving, a very mellow soul and loves napping.” If you’re looking for a calm and affectionate cat to complete your life, please stop by Wild Birds Unlimited to meet Glimmer! Since she has been been waiting waiting over 14 days for a family of her own, her adoption fee is only $20. Please spread the word!