What a Difference a Foster Makes!

Tilly was found as a stray near Flat Rock Park with a broken pelvis. She was in need of immediate medical attention to tend to her broken bones. Once the veterinary staff at Western Carolina deemed her stable, she was well, we were able to move Tilly into a foster home to allow her the time she needed to heal.
Now that Tilly is in a foster home, she has a good appetite and no longer seems to be in pain. We are extremely grateful to all those who helped to catch this poor girl and to her foster caregivers for giving her the delicate love and care she needs. Tilly is not up for adoption just yet as she is on a road to recovery, but we look forward to the day when she finds a family to call her own!
Please consider opening your heart and home to become a foster parent. A shelter animal’s stay in your home is temporary, but you have the potential to change their life forever. If you are not able to foster, please consider a donation to ensure we have the resources to act immediately when the next homeless pet needing emergency assistance enters our care! To find out more about fostering, visit www.blueridgehumane.org/foster.
Sally Ann Found a Home for the Holidays
You might remember Sally Ann. Sally Ann came to us after being neglected with hair so badly matted around her leg that she needed an amputation. Well, we are happy to report that she is healing and her post-surgery rechecks look fantastic. We are even more thrilled to announce that Sally Ann was adopted this week! Sally Ann will be living her next stage of life with a family that will treat her to all the love she deserves.
Every year hundreds of animals enter our care for all kinds of reasons. Because of your support, we are here… ready and willing to help whatever comes through our doors. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to save Sally Ann and the over 1,000 animal lives we touched at our Adoption Center last year alone!

Saving Sally Ann

Imagine being a dog that is covered in fleas, riddled with parasites, and matted so badly you need surgical intervention to save your life. Sally Ann was brought to Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital by animal control due to one of her legs being so matted, the circulation was completely cut off to it. Unfortunately for her, there was no saving her leg but there was still hope to save her life. The veterinary staff was not sure if she would make it out of her surgery based on her initial condition when she came in, we were all crossing our fingers and paws that she made it through over the weekend, and fortunately for her, the surgery went well!
Sally Ann is around 4 years old and is described as the most affectionate girl, despite the trauma that she has been through, and is winning the hearts of everyone who has met with her. Right now, her bill is estimated to be over $3,000 and we aren’t sure what else will come up for her immediate care. We would greatly appreciate any contribution to help cover the expenses for Sally Ann’s surgery and post-operative care. Right now, she is not available for adoption but we hope to post updates as they come, right now, we are focused on making sure she can recover peacefully and in the best care possible.
You can donate here, on our website at https://www.blueridgehumane.org/donate/, in person, or via mail! Every bit helps!
Thank you for helping us help those that need us!