Today’s Featured Pet is Bruce!

Hey ya’ll, I’m Bruce! Allow me to introduce myself. Like I said, I’m Bruce. So, I may be biased, but in my opinion, I’m the coolest guy in town, the life of the party, the Dogue Joie de Vivre! I love life, and I don’t understand people with a bad attitude. Like, what a cool World this place is! I get all the tennis balls I want (a number too big to count), grass to roll around in, and people to teach me lots of helpful Dogue things like sit, down and wait! I love learning as much as I love treats, a very handy correlation indeed. I’m also discovering other Dogues, who are a bit new to me, but SO interesting! My social skills are becoming refined like they never were before, thanks to World. 

Wait, what is this you say? That there is a world outside this World? Like, an outer-world?? With endless grass, MORE balls, MORE…things?! I want to learn about it! I WANT TO LIVE WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE! Ok, ok…here’s what else you need to know real quick: I’m about 30 pounds, around a year old, I can entertain myself with a toy for an adorable amount of time, I’m smart as a whip but I need someone that enjoys training and can help me keep becoming best self, um, I think I mentioned I love tennis balls already.

These people here in World love me a lot but I’m ready for a real family, which I’ve never really had. If you need a fun-loving guy to help keep you skaking and a smile on your face, then look no further than me. I’ve been waiting for a home over 14 days so my adoption fee is only $20! Please stop in and ask to meet me, Bruce!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet(s) are Ash, Lyca, and Lupine!

Some say it’s Catmastime, but in our world it’s always Friday the 13th. Werecats? Kitty-wolves? Is it a full moon in here? Another question: We’ve been waiting for a home for an entire week. That’s like 17 years in kitten time. What’s up with that? Is it our crazy fur? Too spooky for summer? Perhaps, you’re concerned about contagion. Don’t worry, thankfully (or sadly), you do not transform into a werecat at the touch of our teeth. Nor do we generally venture to prey on humans. In fact, our taste for human flesh is quite an unfortunate myth.

Au contraire, we are quite the purry bunch. We may do some howling at the moon, but we are creatures of the night after all. And quite lovely ones, at that. Our fur and our hearts are every color in a very dark rainbow. 

Alas, we do not possess thumbs required for opening cans and scratching ears, so we are dependent on you, strange human. We’re precious, we’re werekittens, we ready for our companions homo sapiens. Our adoption fee is only $20 this weekend for Catmas in July (more like Meowloween) so stop by today and see if you don’t come home with one (or all three) of us. Spread the word, humans!

Today’s Featured Pet is Lady!

Always going stag at parties? Love that bachelor lifestyle? Searching for that perfect dog to dance along to “All the Single Ladies” with the curtains drawn? Your search is over! If a like-minded strong & independent woman to share some uncomplicated companionship sounds up your alley, Lady is, well, your lady.

We’ll be real – this dog is smarter than most third graders and she wearies of explaining every little thing to other dogs all the time; a strictly human household would surely be a burden off her back. Small humans are fine, but cats crimp her style even more than dogs. Lest you think Lady is just an uppity snob, let’s discuss some of her good qualities. At 2 years old and 40 pounds, the lovely Lady knows sit, shake, down, come, and is almost completely house-trained. She’s a wonderful combo of lazy and outdoorsy that would make her the perfect dog to adventure with during the day and cuddle up to in the evenings. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes and has the cutest head tilt this side of the Mississippi.

Poor Lady has been passed around to several different owners and finds her current situation extremely frustrating; honestly, she hates being stuck in a shelter and seems to get more stressed by the day. Surely there’s someone out there that wants a single gorgeous Lady of their very own, we just have to find them. Please spread the word or stop in yourself to meet her – adoption fees are only $17.76 all week long!