Adult tabby cat

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Raven!

Adult tabby cat

On this Valentine’s Day, we present the lovely Raven! Raven is a Manx, which is just one of them many ways she is so special. With the cutest kitty butt in town and a personality to match, this tail-less wonder is on the hunt for her perfect match!

Raven has had a couple false starts, and lost her first home when her owner lost her housing and wasn’t able to keep her. Raven is around 6 years old and a 10/10 lap cat, so would be perfect for someone looking to add a snuggly, affectionate kitty companion to their life this V-Day. A few butt scratches quickly turn her into flop-mode, and she’s an expert biscuit maker as well!

Although Raven has lived with other animals, she finds big dogs scary and other cats a bit of a nuisance, so may thrive in a home where she can be your one and only. Raven has known the indoor/outdoor lifestyle but is also very social, so would be happy either as a strictly indoor kitty or with some safe outdoor access. This chatty kitty also loves to talk and be talked to, so you’ll never feel lonely with her by your side.

Sweet little Raven’s adoption fee is only $5 today for our “Love Bug” Adoption Promo! Please stop in and meet her today!

Dark brown dog lays on bet wiht her ears up looking face on to the camera

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Lily!

Dark brown dog lays on bet wiht her ears up looking face on to the camera

Looking for the perfect starter dog? How about Lily? This 5 year, 5-star pup is such an easy sell that we have no idea why no one has swooped her up yet. Lily has been enjoying a break in a foster home where we keep learning more and more great things about her. Well just go ahead and let her awesome foster family tell it like it is:

“Overall, I think your “plug and play” description of her really does her justice.  She’d come into your life with not a lot of work to do and would only require to play with you (especially outside) and give/receive love! She is very sweet and loves to cuddle.  She definitely loves being outside and exploring and we feel like she would appreciate an active home.  We take her along on our walks throughout the day and then she comes back inside and will lay down and relax right at our feet.  We could absolutely see her being a great hiking companion; we’ve taken her on some of our private trails and she did really well, and already does well running on leash. She is crate and house trained.  She has been obedient and already knows some basic commands like sit, shake, and will heel. She has no begging or other food related bad behaviors.  When we are eating a meal she is very polite, listens to us, and just lays down by us.”

What more could you want in a dog, right?? Lily lost her home of 4 years when she was stressed by the newborn in the home, so her only caveat is that she would prefer a home with adults or older children. Lily would make an A+ addition to any home looking for an easy, well-rounded, fun and people-loving pup! Plus, since she’s been in our care over two weeks, her adoption fee is discounted. If you would like to set up a time to meet Lily, please fill out an application on our website by clicking on her photo, or email!

Today’s Featured Friday Pets are our Celebfurries!

Some of our local celebfurries have been nominated for the Pawscers! To celebrate, their adoption fees are only $15 until February 9th! These twelve animals have all been waiting too long to be the star of your heart and home, and we hope with some limelight they’ll find their next role and land the best reward of all, a loving home!

Consider stopping by and meeting them, or if you can’t adopt, share this post!

Without further ado… the nominees are…