Today’s Featured Pet is Parker!

By all appearances, we admit that 1 year old Parker is pretty much your every day, garden variety medium sized brown dog. But friends, we would be remiss to not recommend a closer look at this little diamond in the rough. Parker may not be the fanciest looking dog you’ve ever seen, but he is a sweet potato with a heart of gold, a mushy, smushy cuddle bug with a smile that could melt the heart of the most jaded Scrooge. Parker has a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to affection; his interests are not complex, and mainly consist of scritches, belly rubs, hugs, kisses, and hard body leaning. If you’re looking for a dog that loves to cuddle and craves a lot of physical closeness, we’ve got your boy. 

In other news, Parker is a great size at about 35 pounds, seems submissive with other dogs, and his gentle nature would probably a great choice for kids. Parker would probably love some adventures in the great outdoors too, as long as he’s by your side. Come meet Parker and see for yourself how comically, ridiculously sweet he is! Visit today and try not to fall in love!

Today’s Featured Pet is Autumn!

Hello! My name might be Autumn, but truth be told, I’m the perfect summer dog. An outdoorsy girl with a side of couch potato, why, I’m practically summertime in canine form! Picture it: you, enjoying a glass of wine on the porch after a long hike, with the

prettiest redhead in town by your side. And I promise that’s where I’ll be, as I love nothing more than to lay in your lap and have you stroke my velvety ears. When I’m happiest (like when I’m with you) my whole body wiggles with delight! I’m so sweet and gentle, and to top it off, less food-obsessed than your average houndy-type. Like a good southern girl, my tastes are simple, and would choose a basic biscuit to that patrician peanut butter any day. 

Oh, and one more thing I like is boys. I am in my early 20’s in human years, after all! 😉 Whether I have a boy dog to pal around with, or it’s just you and me, I’m guessing our life together is going to be pretty sweet. The folks here are great and all, but I’m so ready for that forever porch life of my dreams. Please stop by to meet me! XO, Autumn

Today’s Featured Pet is Zoe!

We know that stuff happens and sometimes things don’t go as planned, but it seems poor Zoe has had an inordinate amount of bad luck in life. After her original owner and best friend passed away, Zoe found herself at our shelter about a year ago. When adopted by her first family, Zoe already had a few mysteriously missing toes (unclear whether due to an accident or abuse) and a tic of kicking her legs while sleeping and expressing a very small amount of urine. This tic didn’t seem to cause her any other issues or discomfort, and her original family loved her anyway, but we knew it would take a special new adopter to see past it and give her a second chance. Zoe has since been adopted and returned three times for various reasons not her fault, the last time when her adopter moved out of state and she was given away.

Zoe is 7 years old, a sweet and sassy girl, loving and independent all at once. She asserts her desire for personal space from other cats right away, and she’s then happy to live and let live. Calm and undemanding, Zoe loves chilling and napping in her predicatable preferred spots, which should make dealing with her issue pretty manageable. Since she is missing toes she can’t easily jump up to high places, making her a perfect choice for a mellow household looking for a kitty uninterested in mischief. We KNOW the right home is out there for this beautiful girl, who despite her trials, loves people anyway and wants nothing more than the simplest things in life – a family and a safe place to rest her head. Zoe would do fine with another mature, respectful feline, but she says no dogs, please and thank you.

Her adoption fee is only $20 for Adopt a Cat month, and we couldn’t think of a better time to share her story and hope someone is willing to give her the real forever home she truly deserves. Please stop in to meet Zoe!