Today’s Featured Pet is Glimmer!

Glimmer is our longest term cat resident, and she needs your help finding her new family! Glimmer showed up at the county shelter as a stray, and being the pretty kitty that she is, you’d think someone would come to claim her, but no one ever did. Glimmer truly lives up to her name, with a beautiful auburn coat and eyes like the sea after a storm. At 8 years old, Glimmer is great age – calm and settled but with years of lap warming ahead of her! As the current foster kitty at Wild Birds Unlimited, Glimmer enjoys assisting with inventory and payroll (as well as testing bird baths out for customers). Here’s what they had to say about her:

“She’s a really sweet girl who loves attention and wants to be petted/adored. She likes to “help” with office work, enjoys her food and comes when she is called. She’s gentle and loving, a very mellow soul and loves napping.” If you’re looking for a calm and affectionate cat to complete your life, please stop by Wild Birds Unlimited to meet Glimmer! Since she has been been waiting waiting over 14 days for a family of her own, her adoption fee is only $20. Please spread the word!

Today’s Featured Pet is Athena!

Athena, born straight from the head of Zeus, was the goddess of wisdom and practical skills. Our Athena very well may be the canine goddess of wisdom and practical skills, if you count sitting for a cookie a practical skill, or the wisdom of possessing a winning smile and affable personality. Athena knows that extroverts have more fun, and this social butterfly is never happier than when co-mingling with mere mortals. 8 month old Athena is lively but still loving, a temperament that would make her a good choice for a younger adventurous family or more mature active home.

She’s probably do well with kids as well as other dogs, as she has seemed eager to make canine friends during her stay with us! She walks well on a leash and settles nicely post-zoomies. Athena is such a sweet girl and ready to find that person that recognizes her for the goddess she is. The shelter has been a little stressful for her and she’s hoping her new family will come walking through the door today. Please spread the word and help us find them!

Today’s Featured Pet is Jackson!

We’re all over here scratching our noggins wondering why Jackson hasn’t been scooped up yet. What a handsome man this cat is! So dapper with his formal-ready tuxedo and tidy mustache, Jackson easily dresses up or down for any occasion. Aside from his good looks, he’s just a delightfully well-rounded cat. Sociable, playful and gentle, his confident yet easy-going disposition would make him a great family cat for kids, a friend to another feline, or probably even dogs. What’s not to love?

Jackson is starting to get frankly pretty bored with our company, and his ego maybe a bit bruised for not being noticed yet. He’s only about 9 months old, and although his self-esteem is at an all time high, we love to avoid a potential budding inferiority complex a find this boy a home ASAP. Since he’s been waiting for a home over 14 days already, his adoption fee is only $20!! This level of of debonair elegance does not typically come at this price. Stop by our adoption center and meet Jackson