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Free Pet Food Giveaways for the Fall

Free pet food giveaways are available for pet owners in need of support. Hosted by Blue Ridge Humane Society, the giveaways are located across Henderson County and open to anyone who needs help. Blue Ridge Humane Community Outreach staff will host two giveaways this month as well as provide food and support for the Interfaith […]


Meet Mister and Archie!

Today’s Featured Pet are Mister and Archie! Archie and Mister are two cute cute cute kittens! They have been in a foster home for the majority of their lives and are really coming into their personalities! The foster reports they are a little shy but love to play and will purr like crazy when they […]


Meet Arizona – Adopted!

Today’s Featured Pet is Arizona! Miss Arizona may be the new girl on the block but she is already winning hearts over. This soft adolescent girl is a little nervous in this environment but clearly loves people. She has a big heart and even bigger kisses for anyone she meets. She came to us through […]


Meet Annie and Frankie – Adopted!

Today’s Featured Pet are Annie and Frankie! Frankie and Annie are the sweetest bonded pair around! You get the best of both worlds with these two. Annie is your confident talkative friend who will gladly gossip about the new season of Real Housewives with you. Frankie is there for you when you want to enjoy […]


Lily’s Happy Tail

Online Dating? Well, Sort of…April’s first adoption from Blue Ridge Humane began with love at first site online: “ I saw her online and just fell in love with her coloring. I called the Adoption Center and I was lucky enough to coordinate with her actual foster.” That’s how Lily, formerly a kitten named Blizzard, […]


Meet Bo – Adopted!

Today’s Featured Pet is Bo! Bo is definitely a Mr. StealYourGirl type personality! He knows exactly how to look at you with his perfectly heart throbby boo boo eyes. Besides being extremely handsome, Bo is just a gentle and sweet baby boy that thinks the world is just right at home where his humans are. […]


Meet Otis!

Today’s Featured Pet is Otis! Talk about a BIG goofy boy that has wiggle butts for DAYS. This hunky pup has got an incredibly endearing smile that will automatically put you in a great mood. Otis came in originally as a stray so we have no idea what his life was like prior to landing […]

Ask Crystal: When House Training Hits a Roadblock

Dear Crystal, I have a 5-month-old puppy that was doing great at housebreaking. The last month no matter what I do he refuses to use the bathroom outside. Even taking him when I know he needs to go. Even using crate training/housebreaking. He will not go in the crate but no matter how many hours […]


Meet Daya – Adopted!

Today’s Featured Pet is Daya! Our featured pet this week is Daya! “She is small and delicate looking. She loves petting and playing but is not a “lap cat” and doesn’t like to be held. Daya always uses her litter box. She is curious and likes to get up on tables or counters, but she […]