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Meet Frankie – ADOPTED!

Today’s Featured Pet is Frankie! Frankie has been with us for a while, and his wonderful foster has been giving him a safe space to relax. We’d love to help Frankie find the perfect family that can be patient and give him the stability he’s been searching for for so long!   Frankie is a […]


Meet Gemini!

Today’s Featured Pet is Gemini! Meet Gemini, our Featured Pet this week! Inquisitive, intelligent, and a great thinker; these are all hallmarks of Gemini’s personality! There’s never a boring moment while she’s around as this goofy, fun-loving puppy wants nothing more than to spend time in your company. She’s definitely a full-on wiggle butt! YOU […]

Ask Crystal: Turning Crazy for Treats into Productive Training

Dear Crystal,  My pup is very food motivated. As soon as we start training, she gets so excited for treats that she randomly starts performing commands that I didn’t ask for (sits, lays down, runs to her bed and waits, lays in her crate). She only follows about half the commands I give because she’s […]


Rocky’s Happy Tail

Happy Tail Tuesday, friends!   This week we have an wonderful update on Rocky! Rocky came to Blue Ridge Humane along with Precious (now known as Gerty and our Happy Tail two weeks ago!) and Sterling. All three dogs needed to take some time to rest and decompress, and got that thanks to our amazing […]

Ask Crystal: Investigating Destructive Crate Behavior

Dear Crystal,    What to do if my dog keeps pooping in her kennel? She is chewing the floor underneath her kennel and destroys the house at any chance she gets. She has big behavior issues and we have altered her kennel so she has a metal sheet under her kennel now. She now doesn’t […]


Photo Contest Winners Announced

The 2022 “You Can’t But Love But You Can Adopt It” Photo Contest delivered a wonderful selection of photos and stories celebrating a rescue pets second chance at love and a home. Our panel of judges were tasked with choosing their favorites from the 40 entries. Each judge expressed how difficult it was to pick, […]


Meet Starburst – Adopted!

Today’s Featured Pet is Starburst – Adopted! Starburst is colorful and so sweet just like her name! She is very a talented young lady, who excels in treat hunting, snuggling, hide and seek, and string toy catching! What can’t she do!? She’s is a little shy at first, but once she warms up, she’ll roll […]


Meet Alfedo – Adopted!

Today’s Featured Pet is Alfredo – Adopted! Meet Alfredo! Alfredo is a friendly, loving and super chill companion. He enjoys playing with toys and the foster’s dog but he isn’t a high energy type dog. He knows how to chill. He would love to have a canine companion in his new home.   He is […]

Ask Crystal: Puppy Potty Training Troubleshooting

Hi Crystal, We rescued a 7-month-old puppy from a friend who couldn’t keep him and we’re having trouble crate training. The puppy loves the crate, goes in and out and doesn’t make too much noise in the crate. We bring him straight to the area we want him to do his business as soon as […]