If you are the owner of a business or organization, consider fostering one of our shelter animals at your location through our Business Adoption Ambassador program.

Your customers will love being greeted each day by your animal ambassador and you will be actively saving the lives of homeless pets in our community. We provide your business with supplies and advice to set you up for success. Once your pet is adopted, you will have the opportunity to foster another ambassador. We will work with you to meet your business and your ambassador animals needs.

Wild Birds Unlimited fostered around 38 cats from our shelter in their store for several years, including harder to adopt critters like Polaris here. Customers are greeted by our furry ambassadors while they shop.

“We absolutely love having a foster cat in the store. It’s a meaningful way to partner with others in our community and one of the most rewarding things we do. Each cat comes to us afraid and unsure about what’s happening and then the magic happens. They realize they are safe, that they have the whole store to themselves, and best of all, a staff to take care of their every need. They show us their true personalities, and before long they find their forever homes. Our customers are also very invested in what we do. They look forward to each happy ending and then can’t wait to see what cat we will receive next. Some folks come in just to visit with our foster kitties and we happily facilitate that.” – Heidi

Are you ready to become a Business Adoption Ambassador? Contact foster@blueridgehumane.org for more information.