It takes a whole lot of time, people, resources, money, and love to keep an animal shelter running. We here at Blue Ridge Humane Society are always looking for help from people like you to help homeless pets.

There are many fun and interesting things you can do to help the animals of Blue Ridge Humane Society.  These ideas are great for school groups, scout troops, youth organizations, to do with a few friends or to do all on your own. Take a look at our guide and hopefully you will find an idea that will you get you on the road to helping animals.

Do you have you have an idea for a Service Project? Contact for more information.

Are you interested in interning with us?

Interning with Blue Ride Humane Society is a great way to learn all about the day-to-day ins and outs of life at an animal shelter. As an intern, you’ll get hands-on animal care experience all while earning credit through your school. Ready to get started? Contact for more information.