Seniors looking to complete their Senior Project with us should read the following guidelines and complete the application below.

We appreciate your interest in working at the Blue Ridge Humane Society for your Senior Project. We require further details as to the goals and objectives for your project.  Please note, students asking to do Senior Projects with the BRHS will need to qualify their work with precise information and agree to the following conditions:

  1. Each student must complete a BRHS Senior Project Application located on our website, attend an orientation, and write a Letter of Intent describing in detail his/her Senior Project.
  2. The project must have a direct correlation to animal welfare. No general community service work is available for Senior Projects.
  3. Guidelines for the project are strict and must be managed tightly with concerns to timeline, start/stop dates, interviews, etc. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin your project!
  4. Students must make appointments with staff for interviews.
  5. Staff will NOT submit written answers to interview questions.
  6. To ensure the student’s safety and productivity, volunteers will work one-on-one with a staff member, but CANNOT invite friends or family members to assist them during their volunteer hours. You may ask staff to take photos of you during your experience.

Senior Project Application

  • Please provide 2-3 paragraphs explaining your project’s goals and objectives, your timeline for starting and finishing your project with us at the center, and how you intend to collect your information from our facility (IE: hands-on experience, interviewing staff or other volunteers, research books, etc.). Please be sure to explain why you want to do your project at BRHS specifically.
  • I understand that the handling of animals and other volunteer activities on behalf of the Blue Ridge Humane Society may place me in a hazardous situation and could result in injury to me or my personal property. I release Blue Ridge Humane Society Inc., Animal Adoption and Rescue Center and all of its employees, agents, and board members, from liability of any nature, whether or not the basis of such liability is presently known to either party. It is understood by the parties to this agreement that I/we will not bring suit or any claims against Blue Ridge Humane Society Inc., Animal Adoption and Rescue Center, its employees, agents, board members, or pet owners. This agreement shall be binding on all parties, their heirs, and assigns. Understanding public relations is an important part of a Volunteer’s activities on behalf of the Blue Ridge Humane Society. I hereby authorize the Blue Ridge Humane Society to use any photographs of me in its possession for public relations purpose. I ask that the Blue Ridge Humane Society use reasonable efforts to give me advance notice of any such use, but such notification is not a condition to release photographs for public relations purpose.