We at Blue Ridge Humane Society are committed to keeping pets in loving homes. That can be difficult when affordable housing and boarding are not so affordable.

Blue Ridge Humane Society offers housing assistance programs designed to help Henderson County residents keep their companion animals through difficult times.

The first step on your Pet-Friendly Housing journey is to research rental properties that allow pets. Secondly, a pet resume can be a good way to promote yourself to a future landlord as a responsible pet owner. Visit our Pet-Friendly Housing page for a listing of rental properties and tips on creating your resume.

If you are unable to find assistance, Blue Ridge Humane Society may be able to provide financial assistance. Types of financial housing assistance provided include:

Temporary Boarding Cost

A pet owner who is temporarily unable to keep an animal due to relocation or other emergency circumstances may qualify for assistance with temporary boarding costs. 

Rental Pet Deposits

The program can help with a one-time pet deposit for a rental unit. The Blue Ridge Humane Society will contact the property owner/manager to confirm the details of the pet deposit requirement. 

Please note:

  • Animals with behavior and/or temperament problems may not be candidates for funding. 
  • Pet Rental Deposits will be refunded to Blue Ridge Humane Society and not the owner. 
  • Blue Ridge Humane Society is not held legally responsible for breaches in contracts or agreements between landlords and renters. 
  • This is a one-time process and, once an individual has been approved for funding, they will not be eligible to receive funding again.
  • Blue Ridge Humane Society is unable to support individuals or families that are renting month to month or week to week.

If you would like more information or to find out if you qualify, please call (828) 393-5832 (you may experience a delay on holidays).