Lost & Found

Has your pet gone missing? Did you find a lost pet? Find out where to report your lost pet and how to check for pets found in your area.

Animal Surrenders

As an “open admission” facility, Henderson County Animal Services are responsible for all admissions including strays, owner surrenders, and confiscated animals.

Pet Care & Training Tips

Even your best friend can have annoying habits.  Find out about behavior classes and tips for training pets.

Report Abuse or Neglect

Find out how to report suspected animal abuse or neglect to the authorities for investigation.

Pet Friendly Housing

Avoid the heartbreak of surrendering your pet to a shelter because your new apartment doesn’t allow pets.

Emergency Preparedness

Be sure your pet is ready for emergencies.  Reference our list to be sure you and your pet are ready should an emergency situation occur.

Pet Food Recalls

Protect your pet by being aware of all pet food recalls and alerts announced by the U.S. FDA and/or manufacturers in the last 90 days


Though we do not assist with wildlife rescue, you can read tips and find other resources for wildlife intervention.