Life has its ups and its downs and sometimes things just don’t work out. A relationship ends, a new family member comes along, money gets tight… any number of things could happen that leave an otherwise wonderful family pet looking for a new home.

To help these pet owners, we provide a courtesy re-homing listing for those who would like to find a loving home for a pet without surrendering them to an animal shelter. If you would like assistance in rehoming your pet, please fill out the form included below.

Blue Ridge Humane Society has several services for you to help keep your pet while going through the re-homing process. Our Community Support Services include pet food assistance, vet assistance, and care and training tips!  More information can be found by reaching out to our Pet Support Line at (828) 393-5832 or visiting our Community Support Services webpage.

Do you have questions about listing your pet?

Check our FAQ for more information, or email

Are you interested in adopting a pet on our Re-homing Listing?

Please visit our Pet Re-homing Listing to find out more about adopting a pet!

Other organizations that offer pet rehoming:
Asheville Humane SocietyCharlie’s AngelsGet Your PetHome to HomeBrother WolfMountain Pet RescueNextdoor

A rehoming page that goes through a 3rd party website.A rehoming page on their website.The online Pet adoption community where people who want to adopt a pet connect with people who need to rehome a dog or cat.An interactive platform created to help families, people, and pets with the difficult task of transitioning pets from one home to another.If your pet meets certain criteria, they can be listed directly on their website.If your pet meets certain criteria, they can be listed directly on their website.A great resources for listing your pet for rehoming or sharing the rehoming link through our page.
Facebook groups that allow rehoming:
WNC Pet Connect- rehome, adopt, lost, foundPets for Rehoming or adopting only! Rescues welcome! No Pet supplies! NC!!Animals: Foster/ Rehome/ Save lives NCFoster/Adopt North CarolinaWNC Foster Parents and Pets for Rehoming AllianceRehoming Pets of WNC