Nothing is worse than finding out there is something wrong with your pet.

The mental and emotional stress can be exhausting but the financial stress can be a burden to you and your family. In times of emergency, talk to your veterinarian about options for reducing your bill. If your vet is unable to offer assistance, there are many organizations that offer help.

This list of organizations are dedicated to helping you financially through your pet’s recovery:

  • GoFundMe – It is an increasingly common way to ask friends for cash on social media. Please note, GoFundMe also takes 5 percent of donations raised.
  • Brown Dog Foundation – It was created to help families unable to pay vet bills.
  • Scratchpay – This is a payment plan that lets clients pay a bill within 30 days with no interest
  • Care Credit  – Credit card company for veterinary care.
  • Handicapped Pets Foundation – This organization provides disabled, injured, and elderly pets with wheelchairs.
  • Magic Bullet Fund – This nonprofit helps those financially unprepared to pay for their dog’s cancer treatment.
  • The Mosby Foundation – This organization helps neglected, sick, and abused dogs. The foundation cannot help with vet bills you’ve already incurred.
  • Paws 4 A Cure – Helps cats and dogs with a limited ability to pay for care assistance.
  • The Pet Fund – Help pet owners pay for non-basic, non-urgent care for chronic conditions, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Red Rover – In the event of an emergency, this organization offers immediate financial assistance for veterinary care.
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs – If you’re a veteran with a service dog, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs will cover the cost of veterinary care.

Though we are not able to assist with existing medical bills, BRHS offers Veterinary Assistance in times of economic distress. We provide medical vouchers to assist with emergency veterinary visits prior to your visit.  If you would like more information or to find out if you qualify, please call (828) 393-5832 (you may experience delay on holidays).