Nothing is worse than finding out there is something wrong with your pet.

The mental and emotional stress can be exhausting, but the financial stress can burden you and your family. Talk to your veterinarian about options for reducing your bill in times of emergency. If your vet is unable to offer assistance, many organizations provide help.

Though we cannot assist with existing medical bills, BRHS offers Veterinary Assistance in times of economic distress. We provide medical vouchers to help with emergency veterinary visits before your visit. Pet owners must be residents of Henderson County to receive medical assistance.

Our Vet Assistance does not cover routine care such as flea/tick prevention, heartworm testing, heartworm prevention, routine vaccinations, and/or microchipping. If your pet is in need of assistance with routine care, please check out our Low-Cost Vaccine Clinics or complete this quick Pet Help Request Form.

We offer Vet Assistance for pet owners experiencing medical emergencies with their pets. Assistance is provided for one pet per household per 6-month period. If you are a Henderson County Resident, and your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, please complete the Vet Assistance Request Form. After submitting a Vet Assistance Request form, pet owners must provide one of the following documents to verify residency:

  • NC Driver’s License or ID Card
  • Utility Bill
  • Benefits Statement from Social Security
  • Military Benefit Statement
  • Real Estate Tax Statement
  • SSA-Retirement, Survivors and Disability Income-Notice of Award letter
  • Medicaid ID Card
  • Bank Statement

Please Note: A document indicating a post office box within the County will not be adequate proof of residency. You can email a photo of your verification to OR text a photo to (828)393-5832

We can process Vet Assistance Requests Monday-Friday 8:00 – 4:00 PM. Due to high demand, the maximum assistance we can provide is $200, depending on current funding availability. If you expect the vet visit to exceed that amount, please check out our additional resources guide for supplemental assistance. We are unable to reimburse for past medical expenses.

If you would like more information or to find out if you qualify, please call (828) 393-5832 (you may experience delays on holidays).

We offer resources for your pet’s final journey and compassionate care as you grieve.

Making preparations for your pet’s final journey can be both emotionally and financially draining. Blue Ridge Humane Society created a pet cremation assistance program and a pet loss support group to support pet owners during a heart-breaking phase that all pet owners inevitably experience.