Prepare now to take care of your pets when seconds count.

Following our checklist of simple ways to prepare yourself and your pet for an emergency, ensures that your family is ready to take care your pets when the unexpected happens.

  1. All of my pets have collars and identification.
  2. Vaccinations are up-to-date for my pets.
  3. My pets are microchipped.
  4. I have a “mutual aid” agreement with a neighbor to check on each other’s pets if one of us cannot get home during an emergency.
  5. I have a planned destination in case I have to evacuate my home with my pets.
  6. I have one week’s supply of food and water, supplies such as litter, and two weeks’ medications on hand for each pet.
  7. I have a carrier for each small pet and leashes for each dog.
  8. All of my pets can fit in my vehicle, or I have an alternate plan.
  9. I have a photo of each pet in case he or she becomes lost, and a photo of myself with each pet to prove ownership.
  10. I have copies of health records for each pet to take along if evacuating.
  11. My veterinarian has my written authorization for a person I have chosen who may seek medical care for my pets if I cannot.

Once you’ve completed each of the items on the checklist, you are ready to get your pets and go, in case of an emergency.

Helpful Preparedness Resources

  • Click here to send away for a free pet rescue alert decal to place in your windows at home.
  • Have you ever considered what would happen to your pet if you are injured away from your home? Click here for a free printable pet alert wallet card.
  • Smart 911 is a free service provided by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office​ to help you when you call 9-1-1. Once you sign up, first responders will be aware of important information you’ve provided them including what you want emergency workers to know about your pets when they arrive. Visit to register.