Days of Gratitude

We have two Days of Gratitude posts this week!  The first comes from Emmy Smith, Lead Animal Care Attendant at BRHS.  Here’s what Emmy is thankful for this year:

“My gratitude is for my fellow staff and volunteers. Every single person who is a part of Blue Ridge Humane Society has a heart of dedication, perseverance, and altruism. They are passionate about the care and treatment of not only our animals but also treating each other with respect and kindness. Our volunteers give so much of their own personal time to be here, and it cannot be put into words how grateful I am for each one of them. Thank you to all of you.”

Our next Days of Gratitude post comes from Lynn Clark, our Executive Assistant at BRHS. Here’s what Lynn is thankful for this year:

“My gratitude goes to our Board of Directors. These members of the community go above and beyond their normal work hours to make sure that Blue Ridge Humane Society fulfills our mission and provides
needed resources for our community.”

Thank you for all you do for our animals and community, Emmy and Lynn!