Days of Gratitude

We have two Days of Gratitude posts this week!  The first comes from Sam, Community Support Counselor at BRHS! Here’s what Sam is thankful for this year:

“Working with animals and their people has always been the perfect fit for me. Not only does it encompass my own values, but it brings me so much joy to help from both ends of the leash. Being able to provide members of the community with supplies and food for their pets is something that consistently fills my heart.

I enjoy getting to know so many of them and giving them big smiles while trying to make sure they know how happy I am to be there to help. I am incredibly thankful for not just the animals of our community, but those who come through our pet food giveaways.”

Our second Days of Gratitude post comes from Emily, Medical Care Manager at BRHS! Here’s what Emily is thankful for this year:

“I’m grateful to be able to provide necessary, low-cost services to those who need them thanks to the support from our community!”

Thank you for all you do for our animals and community, Sam and Emily!