Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday are Diamond and Dasha!

As a bonded pair of large dogs, we knew that it might take longer for Diamond and Dasha to find a home. Still, it was immediately clear how much these two girls loved each other, and we knew it wasn’t an option to split them up. We were delighted when an adopter came along who didn’t hesitate to open her heart to both of them, and even more thrilled to hear how well they were doing in their new home.

“They are very happy and playful.  Diamond is a goofy girl and definitely a puppy but so eager to please.  Dasha is like a reincarnation of Sasha.  She is very bonded with Randy and vice versa. It is so hilarious that Dasha will tolerate Diamond just sitting on her.” ❤️😂

Thank you Suzanne and Randy for giving Diamond and Dasha a second chance to stay best friends forever!