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Sally Ann Found a Home for the Holidays

Sally Ann Found a Home for the Holidays You might remember Sally Ann. Sally Ann came to us after being neglected with hair so badly matted around her leg that she needed an amputation. Well, we are happy to report that she is healing…

Ferb’s Happy Tail

We are featuring a very special adoption that happened after one of our fosters fell in love with a kitten named Ferb. "Ferb is doing amazing. I started fostering him when he was a week old.…

Oblio’s Happy Tail

In this week's Happy Tail Update, sponsored by First Bank in Hendersonville, we are highlighting a special adoption from our SNIP Coordinator, Mariah. She adopted a dog that has quickly turned into her baby's…

Millie’s Happy Tail

Here is an inspiring update from an adopter who is dedicated to working with Millie to make her a well-rounded pup! "She’s been learning and adventuring lots during the time she has been home with us! We…

Hei Hei’s Happy Tail

Happy Tail Tuesday! We are featuring Hei Hei's (now Fynn's) Happy Tail adoption update from Kaitlyn. Here is what they wanted to let us know: "Fynn is doing amazing! He’s such a sweetheart. He loves his…
grey kitten scratching

Rigatoni’s Happy Tail

Happy Tail Tuesday! We are featuring Rigatoni's (now Sapphire) Happy Tail adoption update from the Davis family. Here is what they wanted to let us know: "Sapphire (Rigatoni) is fantastic! We love her so…
A siamese cat with flame points

Lulu’s Happy Tail

Happy Tail Tuesday!   We love getting updates from our previous adopters, and the Tucker family just sent us an update on their newly adopted cat, Lulu (now known as Luna). She originally arrived to our facility very shy…
A dark brown cat sleeps curled up on a space themed blanket

Honey Bear’s Happy Tail

Honey Bear won over our hearts at the Adoption Center with her sweet disposition and beautiful long fur! We loved getting this follow up from her new family: “We have had Honey Bear in our home for 2 weeks now. This is the first time…
a very small long haired dog cuddles with a stuffed toy

Rocky’s Happy Tail

Happy Tail Tuesday, friends!   This week we have an wonderful update on Rocky! Rocky came to Blue Ridge Humane along with Precious (now known as Gerty and our Happy Tail two weeks ago!) and Sterling. All three dogs needed…
A black puppy with medium length fur

Nyx’s Happy Tail

This week’s Happy Tail is Nyx, formerly known as Angelica! Nyx arrived at Blue Ridge Humane Society in October along with her 7 siblings! Rebekah quickly fell in love and submitted an application to adopt, taking Nyx home just a few…