Meet Daisy May!

Collage of 9 photos of white and light tan dog

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Daisy May!

Collage of 9 photos of white and light tan dog

Daisy May is a classic case of “how are they not adopted yet??” Daisy May is a fabulous pup with dog and human social skills that only come around once in a blue moon. Daisy May has earned herself the prestigious title of “Play Group Superstar”, and for good reason – she loves every dog she meets! Seriously folks, dogs like this aren’t a dime a dozen, so what gives? Daisy May is a year old, and lost her home when her owner had to move and couldn’t bring her along. This happy girl loves everyone and fancies herself a lap dog, so people awkward about physical gestures of affection need not apply. Daisy May could moonlight as a supermodel with those long legs of hers, but despite being a bit of an Amazon woman, she walks quite nicely on a leash and already knows some basic commands. Due to her enthusiasm for hugs, we’re recommending older, less knock-over-able children for Daisy May or an adult only home. Another dog to play with would be a huge plus, as would a yard for romping. She’s a well-rounded pup that would make a perfect addition to a home that places equal value on physical fitness and Netflix. With her contagious smile and loving heart, Daisy May is sure to invite pure joy into the lives of the people around her.

Since Daisy May has already been waiting over 14 days for a home,  adopters can spin our wheel for a discounted adoption fee! Please stop in today if you think Daisy May is the one for you, or please share and help us find Daisy May her new family!