Brown dog with white chest

Meet Welsey!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Wesley! Wesley's been with us for a while now and so he deserves some extra attention and love, since he has lots of love to give!! Don't believe us? Just watch his little half tail go crazy when you give…
Large black puppy sits and looks into the camera
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Pet Owner Resources from Blue Ridge Humane

Pet Resources Available With the added stress of the coronavirus crisis, Blue Ridge Humane Society would like to outline the resources they are able to provide to the public. Blue Ridge Humane seeks to not only find new loving homes for pets…
dark brown and white dog smiles up

Meet Welsey!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Wesley! If you're in need of some big smiles in your life right now (and aren't we all?), say hello to Wesley! 7 year old Wesley is our resident goober and despite his not so ready beach body, this boy loves…
grey and brown senior car

Meet Tee!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Tee! Tee, or Sweet Tea as she is sometimes known, is a lovely senior kitty destined to charm her way into your heart. Originally a neighborhood kitty, Tee started hanging around her previous person's property…
Brown pittie mix looks up at camera

Meet Champ!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Champ! Looking for the snuggle buddy of your life? Meet Champ! This beautiful boy came to us in poor shape; super skinny and with a terrible crop job on his ears. Despite his rough beginnings, there's never…
Tuxedo colored cat sits in someone's lap

Meet Teacup!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Teacup! 🚨 Lap cat alert! 🚨 If you're looking for a snuggly kitty to add to your life, consider Teacup! This beautiful tuxie girl can usually be found on curled up on a volunteer's lap, and we're shocked…

Meet Buddy!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Buddy! Please say hello to the beautiful Buddy, aka Buddalicious (ok, we don't really call him that, but maybe we should)! 2 year old Buddy is smart, active and sensitive, a combination that can make the…
Adult tabby cat

Meet Raven!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Raven! On this Valentine's Day, we present the lovely Raven! Raven is a Manx, which is just one of them many ways she is so special. With the cutest kitty butt in town and a personality to match, this tail-less…
Dark brown dog lays on bet wiht her ears up looking face on to the camera

Meet Lily!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Lily! Looking for the perfect starter dog? How about Lily? This 5 year, 5-star pup is such an easy sell that we have no idea why no one has swooped her up yet. Lily has been enjoying a break in a foster…

Meet our Pawscers Nominees!

Today's Featured Friday Pets are our Celebfurries! Some of our local celebfurries have been nominated for the Pawscers! To celebrate, their adoption fees are only $15 until February 9th! These twelve animals have all been waiting too long to…