Meet Maze!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Maze! The big and beautiful Maze is looking for a special adopter! This sweet, snow white boy has been at our adoption center looking for a home since early June. Maze was originally found as a stray, so we…

Meet Clover!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Clover! Hi, I'm Clover, and boy do I have the cutest snoot in all the land! I may look part anteater, but I'm 100% bona-fide canine. Did someone say bone? Why, I do love toys and things squeaky; in fact a…

Meet Neela!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Neela! Neela can't understand why she hasn't found her forever home yet. Considering the fact that there is currently a Facebook group with over 300,000 members called "This Cat is Chonky," you'd think people…

Meet Heidi!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Heidi! The dog days of summer are here, but don't get down, get a dog! With her soft and elegant ears, and equally soft personality, Heidi perfectly embodies this slow, sleepy season of summer. Heidi's idea…
Grey cat with white stripe on nose looks up at camera as she lays down

Meet Josephine!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Josephine! After being in a shelter for months, we think it's high time Ms. Josephine gets her due! Originally a stray, we don't know much about Josephine's back story, but her rescuer did note that she seemed…
Black dog with white chest and front paws grins at camera with closed eyed

Meet Grecco!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Grecco! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...Greccodilly! This snaggle-toothed wonder dog has been patiently waiting for the right person, and we think it's high time he finds his happily ever after. Grecco…
Large black cat sitting looking at camera

Meet Boston!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Boston! Chunky-faced Boston is a a cat with (quite literally a lot of) head and heart. Quiet, noble and dignified, we imagine that in a past life, Boston was a brilliant and sensitive poet that spent a lot…
White dog with grey spots around his eyes looking at the camera

Meet Casper!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Casper! Casper the friendly ghost dog may look all smiles, but lately he's been feeling pretty down in the dumps. Poor guy has been adopted and returned twice now - the first time when his family had to move…
Ginger cat looking into camera

Meet Paco Taco!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Paco Taco! Ginger cat fans, beefcake kitty lovers, suckers for seniors, rejoice! We have all your needs met in one fabulous kitty package that is Paco Taco. Paco Taco is a burly cat with a heart of gold, a soft…
Collage of 9 photos of white and light tan dog

Meet Daisy May!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Daisy May! Daisy May is a classic case of "how are they not adopted yet??" Daisy May is a fabulous pup with dog and human social skills that only come around once in a blue moon. Daisy May has earned herself…