Large brown dog sitting with a happy expression

Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is Mazey!

light brown shaggy dog laying on the floor“It’s been just over a year since we adopted Mazey.  I wanted to give you an update. This is a very happy dog.  Her training is ongoing with lots of success.  Excitability issues center around a response to vehicles, especially pickups, new people, and dogs.  At home she is always peaceful and happy.  Her best friend Molly is always by her side.  We walk daily at a park with few such encounters but just enough to continue training her and help her acclimate to the world.

We were anxiety ridden during our training.  Dave and I were both afraid we had made a mistake adopting her but didn’t want to tell each other. Then I continued her training at home with steady progress. Once my anxiety calmed, so did hers!

Briards are very cool with some unique characteristics.  She weighs in at a whopping 92 pounds, up from 50 pounds at adoption!  The vet says this is a good weight, at the top of the range of normal.  We buy less caloric food for older dogs rather than restricting food.  She free eats at her leisure.  Since she was starved, I want her to know we will provide food.”

Loved this update from the adopters of Mazey! Thank you so much to Mazey’s new family for their patience while she acclimated to the to joys of the world, such as ample food, canine and human friendship, and being a loved family member. Happy Tails, Mazey!