Promise Seeks Her Forever Home!

Bearfootin’ Auction Comes October 19, 2019!

Promise, our 2019 Downtown Hendersonville Bearfootin’ Bear will join the other bears at the 2019 live auction on October 19! The proceeds from Promise’s sale will help provide care for the animals at Blue Ridge Humane while we give them medical care, love, and a second chance at finding a family and loving home.

Promise was designed and drawn by local artist Susan Goodman, using the ZenTangle principles and includes sweet hidden details and always something new to discover! Susan’s love for animals and art is perfectly mingled into an amazing representation of the energy and connectivity we have with the world around us.

You can view Promise on Main St at the 2nd Ave  corner until October 14, when she’ll be moved just a few feet over to the Historic Courthouse Plaza in preparation for the auction. The auction will be held on Saturday, October 19, with bidder registration and music starting at 3pm and the auction beginning at 5pm.

You can bid on Promise at the Auction or even place a proxy bid if you can’t attend! Learn more here!