tortoise marked cat lounges on a bed.

Meet Monkey!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Monkey! Who doesn't love a strong, independent woman?? Monkey is an opinionated beauty who may be least touchy-feely of all our cats, but has a no-nonsense attitude that's refreshing and frankly relatable.…
medium size brown down sits and smiles at viewer

Meet Gillian!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Gillian! Hey friends, let us tell you about this sweet baby angel Gillian! Gillian is what we call in the trades a "boneless wonder" because she'll quickly turn to jelly as soon as you bust out her favorite…
orange kitten rolling over

Using Your IRA for a Tax-Free Donation

Using Your IRA for a Tax-Free Donation With all the tax law changes and deduction increases using the tax benefits that charitable donations can provide may have become a little more complicated. But, there are ways that you can continue to…
tabby cat sleeps snuggled on a bed

Francisco's Happy Tail

Francisco's Happy Tail We loved getting this update on the recently adopted Francisco, our former longest term cat resident! Lori quickly fell in love with Francisco and wasn't fazed by his FIV+ status. Cats with FIV can live long, healthy…
a large dark down dog lays curled up with asmall light brown puppy on a bed

Rocky & Oregon's Happy Tail

Rocky & Oregon's Happy Tail For a double feature of absolute adorable-ness, here is a Happy Tail Pup-date that is almost too cute to handle. Rocky was adopted almost a year ago after being in our care for a short amount of time but…

Maggie & Gypsy's Happy Tail

Now for the Smack our Heads Happy Tail Tuesday, Kitty Edition! When the Scheel's adopted bonded 7 year old sisters Maggie and Gypsy a couple weeks ago, it seemed like the pair of lovely black cats had found their perfect fit. Our feeling…

Blue Ridge Humane Wins Best Of Non-Profit and Consignment

Blue Ridge Humane Society takes the overall in the 2019 Best of Blue Ridge presented by BlueRidgeNow for the second year of the local awards program. For 2019 Blue Ridge Humane Society received two nominations during the first round of voting,…

Bullwinkle's Happy Tail

Today's Happy Tail Tuesday is Bullwinkle! We like to check in with recent adopters to see how their new pet is settling in, and this response and photo from the adopters of Bullwinkle, with all its loving brutal honesty, gave us all a laugh.…