Bullwinkle’s Happy Tail

Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is Bullwinkle!

Black and white dog sits on stuff lounge chair with stuffing pulled out on the floor

We like to check in with recent adopters to see how their new pet is settling in, and this response and photo from the adopters of Bullwinkle, with all its loving brutal honesty, gave us all a laugh. Bringing a new dog home isn’t usually all sunshine and roses, and we appreciate not only when adopters are upfront with their struggles so we can offer assistance, but are patient with their new family member’s sometimes less than perfect behaviors.

“He’s big and boisterous. He has eaten the couch and 4 pairs of shoes. Also, any toy we bring in for him. Only the Kong survived. He is improving, though. We have closed off the areas where he poops or peed in the house. He rides well, but gets sick on long drives. And he’s a bed hog. But we love him.”

Thank you to Deborah loving Bullwinkle, faults and all; after all, isn’t that what we all hope for?