a brown and white puppy lays on tje floor asleep surrounded by dog toys

Ask Crystal: Puppy Routine for a Good Night’s Sleep

Hi Crystal, Thank you for letting me ask you a question or 2. I have a two-month-old puppy. We're trying to get her to sleep in the crate at night.  After she's in there for about an hour or so she'll start to cry and then my wife will…

Ask Crystal: New Dog Slow to Warm up

Dear Crystal,  We’ve just adopted rescue 3-year-old dog. We already had a year old Leonberger who has a lot of puppy energy. They got along and played fine at the rescue playground, but once brought home the new adopted dog stays on…

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a black young dog lays in the grass outside

Ask Crystal: When House Training Hits a Roadblock

Dear Crystal, I have a 5-month-old puppy that was doing great at housebreaking. The last month no matter what I do he refuses to use the bathroom outside. Even taking him when I know he needs to go. Even using crate training/housebreaking.…
white dog with black spots and ears stands nose to nose with a short haired tan dog

Ask Crystal: New Roommates Take Time to Warm up

Dear Crystal,  I recently adopted a new dog. My current dog (female, 1.5 years old) is nervous around him but not exactly aggressive. She just has a lot of fears (ex. growls or barks a lot at outside noises) but she has never been aggressive…
A light brown puppy wearing a collar and leash lays in green grass

Ask Crystal: One Step at a Time

Dear Crystal,  My 6-month pup constantly sits or lays down on a walk. Treats can get him going a little. What can I do to work on this?  Sincerely,  Stubborn Pup    Dear Stubborn, This can be a very embarrassing…
small brown dog looks out a window

Ask Crystal: Sir Barks A Lot

Dear Crystal,  I have a long-haired mini-dachshund - Sugar - who is barking a lot. He likes to sit on the back of the couch and bark at passers-by. He barks when we are on leash walking. The most annoying habit is barking at anyone coming…
a gray cat lays in a cardboard box with a black cat sitting in the background on top of the box

Ask Crystal: Two Cats are Complicated

Dear Crystal, I have two young cats. Parker is the new guy and Miles the one who was an only cat. They are getting along well generally, playing together, hanging out peacefully in the same spots, using the same litterboxes, etc. The…