two dogs laying on a couch

Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is Donner!

Poor Donner who was having the worst luck. Waiting at the shelter for months, adopted and returned twice, Donner was becoming more stressed every day by the shelter environment and all the back and forth of his experiences. Even though we knew this goofy, sweet pup would be a great dog for the right home, we weren’t sure how long it would take for him find the right fit. Then enters Kelly, who offered to foster Donner and give him a much needed break from shelter life. In Kelly’s care we learned what a fantastic dog Donner actually was – a total sweetheart and quite the polite houseguest. Then after another week, more angels entered Donner’s life: Jessie and her family. The Shaws saw Donner online from their home in CT, and knew that Donner was the dog for them. With a young hound already at home (who was a dead ringer for Donner), they knew the kind of exercise and care Donner would need to be happy and thrive. They drove the 13 hours from Connecticut to meet Donner, with whom it was an instant love connection. The love-fest continued once Donner made it home (after sleeping the whole way), where after settling in, met his new brother Walker. Walker and Donner were fast friends and Donner fit in with the whole family just perfectly. We can’t thank both his foster Kelly and the Shaw family enough for the parts they played in giving Donner a happy ending. We’re beyond thrilled for this very deserving pup! Happiest of Tails, sweet Donner!