Dug’s Happy Tail

Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is Dug!

Now for the “It Takes a Village” edition of Happy Tail Tuesday! We love being able to help out neighboring counties when they are in need of assistance, and we recently rescued several dogs, including 7 year old Dug, from our friends at Asheville Humane Society. Sweet and chunky Dug hadn’t had the best luck finding a permanent home and had been cared for by AHS during several stints at their facility. When he found himself back at AHS yet again when his last family moved and couldn’t bring him, we were happy to pull him into our facility to see if he would benefit from a change of scenery. Although he seemed to be comforted by his favorite stuffy toys that he loved to carry around in his mouth, it was clear that Dug was quite unhappy being in a shelter environment. Knowing that Dug would likely only become more and more stressed out the longer he stayed here, we reached out to Lab Rescue LRCP, a Virginia foster-based rescue. They were able to quickly line up a foster home for Dug and helped arrange transportation halfway to pick him up. Rita and John, two of our amazing volunteers, volunteered to bring him the first half of his journey. He settled in quickly to his foster home, who reported that he was a perfect house-guest, and within a matter of days, found a new, permanent family that adores him.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that helped Dug, now Doug, on his way to a happy ending: Asheville Humane Society, John and Rita Castline, Lab Rescue LRCP, his VA foster home, and his new forever family. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Happy Tails, sweet Doug!!