Meet Valor!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Valor!

Meet Valor, aka Mr. Potato Head! This tan and tuberous canine is looking for an adopter ASAP! As luxurious as we try to make a dogs’ stay with us, it’s no forever home, and this sweet goofball is becoming increasingly worried his new family may never come along.

Though it’s hard for any BBD (Basic Brown Dog) to shine in a shelter, this specimen of low-riding variety is definitely worth a closer look. Valor is around 3 years old and a perfect medium size. He’s got personality for days- sweet and playful, fun at parties, and looks great in Ray-Bans. Valor lived with other dogs in his previous home, and has done fantastically with other dogs at events in playgroup while in our care. If you AND your best buddy needs a buddy, then Valor is here to save the day! This bouncy pup is a tireless retriever, so games of fetch are a must, as are lots of cuddles for this lover boy. Valor already knows some of his basic commands and appears to be housetrained, so you’re getting all the fun of a puppy but with less of the work.

Valor’s adoption fee is discounted AND a secret admirer has sponsored $20 off his adoption fee! Please consider coming in to meet your hilarious new best friend today!