Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Crosby!

A silver fox that refuses to act his age, Crosby is about 7 years old but has the vitality of a much younger man. Not to worry though, he would never spend all your money on a mid-life crisis convertible or don an embarrassing hairstyle. Crosby is just a naturally cool guy, with blessedly straightforward interests. High on the list of priorities in Crosbyland are belly rubs and snacks. Holy moly, does this dog love his snacks. Another activity he excels at is sitting in a lap and receiving the aforementioned belly rubs, something he’s almost as good at as eating snacks.

Crosby has made friends with a variety of age and sizes of dogs at the shelter and should fit in fine with another pup, and has an intense desire to befriend all people. He had a visitor the other day who snapped the below pics and reported the following:

“My morning was spent with this sweet pea named Crosby. He’s 7 and looking for his forever home. After his walk, he planted himself in the lobby because he loves people so much. He loves to sit by you and give you hugs and kisses. Go by Blue Ridge Humane Society and see him. 💙
Crosby’s adoption fee is only $20 since he’s already been waiting over two weeks for a home! Stop by to meet this handsome man today!