Meet Addie…

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Addie!

Sweet 5 month old Addie had an adopter lined up, but unfortunately he changed his mind. Luckily for you, that means this cutie is back on the market! Addie was found as a stray with a horrible botched crop job on her ears and a bebe pellet under the skin on her head. Several people have already given this dog every reason to dislike humanity, but somehow she still manages to love us. Addie has a delightful disposition – outgoing but gentle, happy but not hyper. For a dog her age, she’s surprisingly quiet, not jumpy or mouthy, and her people-oriented nature should be promising for some great training potential.

Addie attended an event yesterday with lots of young kids present, and did amazingly! She’s got sweet little mug that will melt the hardest of hearts and dons a Christmas sweater like a champ. Her favorite Christmas movie is Scrooged and loves Bill Murray in all his roles. Addie has been in our care for over two weeks, so her adoption fee is only $20! She would love to have her very own Home Fur the Holidays, so please stop by today from 10-5 to meet her!