Today’s Featured Pet is Cora!

Cora is a 9 month old, very prestigious white hippodogamos. Her provenance is all in order. We have a paper trail from the ambitious breeder that decided to cross a land dog with a white hippo. Cora’s adopters will be provided with the certification, and she hopes to compete at many future AKC shows in this newly recognized, very exclusive category.

Aside from her fancy pedigree, Cora happens to be a very nice dog. She’s got an impressive wigglebutt, and is a lovely combination of playful, goofy, and submissive. She plays a little shy at first, only to unleash her inner dork with great ease. Cora seems eager to make dog friends here at the shelter, and would probably be a good friend to another pup.

A silly playful teenager, Cora will need all the normal guidance you could expect to provide an adolescent in the system. Luckily, she aims to please and wants to make you happy, which should make training fun for you both. Splooting in the grass is high on her list of interests, as are kiddie pools, bath-time, grinning, and strawberries.

If you’re a sucker for puppy dog eyes, heart shaped noses, or pink as a second color, come meet Cora. Lucky for you, she’s just barely been with us two weeks, and so her adoption fee is only $20! She’s spayed, micro-chipped, heartworm negative and ready for her new family! Please help spread the word for Cora!