Meet Mojito and Margarita!

White bunny with grey nose and ears

Today’s Featured Friday Pets are Mojito and Margarita!

White bunny with grey nose and ears


Looking for somebunny to love? We’ve got your back! Bunnies are very sensitive and smart creatures that can make wonderful companions for the right home. These two beauties were abandoned in a box on someone’s doorstep with their two babies, who have since been adopted. Now it’s mom and dad’s turn! Both are very gentle and mild-mannered bunnies that are still a bit shy, but warming up nicely to us bringers of greens and carrots, humans! They are very neat buns that already use a litter box and enjoy all the normal bunny things like chewing boxes, having their ears gently stroked, and hopping around looking cute. Did you know, that when bunnies are very happy, they do something called a “binky?” It’s a super cute move that you’re lucky to see, because you know they are feeling good!

Black bunny peering around a corner


Bunnies are long lived creatures that, having fragile skeletons, do best in homes with adults or older children. With proper care they can live 10+ years, and can definitely bond with people as well as with each other.

Mojito and Margarita are about a year old and were both recently fixed. They are currently separated so as they heal from surgery, but as male and female rabbits are easiest to bond, may be happy being reintroduced for anyone looking for a pair. We would love to see these two binkying in the bunny home of their dreams as soon as possible! For more information, give our adoption center a call at 828-692-2639 or just stop by to meet them. Please share for Mojito and Margarita!