Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Toby!

If dogs could talk, we’re sure that Toby, or Toby the Terrific Tripod, would have an amazing story to tell. He ended up as a stray with a leg already amputated, and we have no idea what happened. We imagine one could work this to your advantage for those really hard to impress friends. Maybe Toby lost his leg to frostbite after guest-starring at the Iditarod, or during an high stakes battle with a shark, or perhaps gnawed it off to free himself after a week trapped under a boulder! It’s really up to you. Toby would be a top-notch wingman; if you think cute dogs are chick (or dude) magnets, just try a friendly tripod with a crazy back story.

In addition, Toby is just an incredibly sweet and good-natured boy with a wiggle and smile for everyone he meets. At a year old, Toby still has lots of playful energy, so don’t think being down a leg really slows him down. Yes, he still loves to run, and he does still want to go on those hikes with you. Toby has been quick to make friends with other dogs his size, but no small dogs or pesky cats, please and thank you. Toby is quick to try and crawl in your lap too, so we think should make a top notch cuddle buddy. During our Wheel of Fortune adoption promo, you can spin the wheel to find out your discounted adoption fee! We’d love to see this wiggle-butt find his new family today, so please stop in to meet Toby!