Meet Bubba!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Bubba!

Bubba, Bubba-licious, Bubba Gump…whatever you want to call him, Bubba’s cool with it! This easy-going pup has been on the hunt for a home for a while now; we think he’d fit in almost anywhere, so what gives? An affable and outgoing little dude, 7 year old Bubba would do well with a younger family OR mature mature household alike.
His moderate energy level, sweet temperament, and great size of 26 pounds should make him an easy sell for anyone wanting an out-of-the-box doggy companion! Bubba’s only request is a home that understands the powerful allure of smells and won’t let his nose lead him astray. This loose and wiggly boy is friendly to new people and dogs alike, even tolerating dogs with a pushier playstyle than he. He’s very treat motivated, which should make training fun! Bubba loves toys, pets and making new friends – what more could you ask for?
Bubba lost his original home because of allergies in the family, but he tries to look on the bright side and stay positive. After all, his new family could be reading this as we speak! Bubba’s bags are packed and he’s ready to go to his new home TODAY. If you’re looking for a sweet little buddy to bring you endless smiles, let us suggest stopping in to meet Bubba!