Meet Clover!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Clover!

Hi, I’m Clover, and boy do I have the cutest snoot in all the land! I may look part anteater, but I’m 100% bona-fide canine. Did someone say bone? Why, I do love toys and things squeaky; in fact a squeaky toy is the quickest way to my heart! I can be a bit shy at first meeting, but squeak a toy and you’re my new best friend. Since I’m only 10 months old, I’m still figuring out this big bad world, and certain things (like hyper kids) I find a bit scary. All I ask is for someone who understands the feeling of being overwhelmed sometimes and can be patient with me! I really open up when I’m outside and around other dogs, so I would make a fantastic hiking buddy. If you’re looking for a dumb dog without a mind of their own, keep looking; I’m smart as a whip, already know all my basic commands, already house-trained, and would thrive somewhere I can keep learning. My personality when I’m comfortable could be described as sweet, playful, and a bit independent, perfect for someone who doesn’t need a dog all up in their business 24/7. Plus, I’m just cool-looking, am I not?
If you’re a dog-savvy person that wants a dog as brilliant, complex and interesting as you are, please consider me, your humble Clover!

I find the shelter to be a bit of a scary place and would love to find my new match ASAP. My adoption fee is only $10 the rest of the week for the Clear the Shelters adoption promo, so now’s a great time to see if I’m the one for you!