Meet Arthur!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Arthur!

Like big mutts and you cannot lie? How about Arthur? This happy boy and his Olympic level smiling skills are guaranteed make your days a little bit brighter! 1 year old Arthur was adopted a couple of months ago, but as he finds our feline friends a bit too enticing, he is back with us and on the hunt for his cat-free forever home. His distaste for kitties aside, Arthur is quite the wonderful dog. In their own words, his former adopters called him “an exceptional cuddler, playful and energetic, full of love for people and other dogs, loves to hike and swim.” Our own research has confirmed his many great qualities, presenting as a playful yet perfect gentleman with nice leash walking skills and a couple commands already under his belt. Another big bonus: he’s already housetrained! Alone time is overrated in Arthur’s book, perfect if you’re home a lot or want a go-everywhere dog. His dream come true would be a fenced in yard for zoomies, and/or an active household always ready for adventure!

Today is the last day of our $10 adoption fees for our Fur is in the Air special. Come meet Arthur to see if he could be the fall romance you’ve been waiting for!