Featured Pet is… Gemmy!

Whether it’s hitting the trails and going on an adventure, doing yoga, or settling down to rest by your feet with a chew toy, Gemmy is a fantastic companion. She loves her people and will give them hugs and kisses to show it.

Gemmy walks very nicely on a leash, rides well in a car, and does very well meeting new people while she is out and about. This big girl is all smiles.

She is very smart and is excelling at sit, down, crate training, and relaxing on the mat. Relax on the mat is a great tool for a curious pup like Gemmy, it gives her somewhere to be with something to do! It can be hard to get any work done with her head in your lap, so give her a licky mat, frozen kong, or any brain game really, and watch those gears turn.

With how food-motivated she is (especially with cheese wiz) on top of her smarts, we think Gemmy has the potential to take to continued training with ease. She is a fantastic dog with a lot to give and a willingness to learn that’s unmatched.
Bring this fun-loving pup home today and apply!