black cat sitting on book looking majestically into the distance

Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is FELLINI!

Black cat cuddling with stuffed animals

The fabulous Fellini, aka His Royal Majesty Fellini the Dark Prince, hit the jackpot when he found his forever home with Jennie last year. Fellini quickly bonded with his new brother Monty, loves helping with homework and chores, fetching things, and has generally found the perfect family that appreciates his giant personality.

“Yeah… I’m in love. He baked cookies with me! Sat on the counter and watched everything I did, stuck his head in the bowl. He is one special cat, like my Monty. Fellini is my little helper and an endless source of laughter for me. He’s so much craziness and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Every morning, he helps get the kids up. He helps cook and do chores. He loves to fetch. He’s an amazing cat!”

Thank you to Jennie and co. for loving Fellini SO much! Happy Tails, beautiful boy!