a small light brown puppy lays in a crate with the door open

Ask Crystal: Whining Puppy Woes

Dear Crystal,  So, I put my new puppy in the crate to nap and he whines for a while and then falls asleep. He will wake up to whining and all I think about is letting him out and go potty. Should I wait again until he stops crying to…
A black cat with white stripe

Meet Apollo! – ADOPTED

Today's Featured Pet is Apollo! Our Featured pet this week is Apollo! Apollo is one chill kitty! He has beautiful yellow eyes and the most adorable white patch on his…
exterior view of a brick and tan siding building with a Blue Ridge Humane sign outside

Thrift Store Reopens on Mondays

Blue Ridge Humane Society Thrift Store Expands Hours Tuesday, March 29: Hendersonville, NC – The Blue Ridge Humane Society Thrift Store will be one step closer to pre-pandemic operations beginning on Monday, April 4, 2022. The Thrift Store…
View of a dogs feet with torn pieces of paper spread around

Ask Crystal: To Chew or Not to Chew

Dear Crystal,  We have an almost 5-year-old female German Shepherd who has never been destructive other than with some of her chew toys. Today she destroyed my husband’s workshop. We keep her and her almost 10-year-old brother in…
a brown striped tabby cat with light green eyes

Meet Gypsy – Adopted!

Today's Featured Pet is Gypsy! This gentle purr machine just adores attention and will rub her face into your hands to ask politely for more. She has great energy levels…
medium sized light brown dog leaps up towards an outheld human hand

Ask Crystal: Grounding a Jumping Dog

Dear Crystal,  I have an Australian Shepherd who is 15 months. My vet wants me to take him to dog parks but he still jumps up and head buts people. We aren’t supposed to have him on leash in the park so I am unsure how to properly…
a puppy with it's face towards the camera is held by a women facing away from the camera

Ask Crystal: Puppy Training 101

Dear Crystal, I have a 9-week-old puppy and I've had him for a grand total of three days. Although he sometimes fusses in his crate, I do wait a bit or let him out when he is walking around but not fussing after a nap. My only problem…
a black cat with white paws and stunning blue/green eyes

Meet Frankie – ADOPTED!

Today's Featured Pet is Frankie! Frankie has been with us for a while, and his wonderful foster has been giving him a safe space to relax. We'd love to help Frankie find…
collage of four kittens, two grey tabby and two orange with white fur around their snouts
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Kitten Shower Returns and Turns Up the Heat for 2022 with Incubator Fundraiser

Kitten Shower Returns and Turns Up the Heat for 2022 with Incubator Fundraiser Tuesday, March 8, 2022: Hendersonville, NC – With spring-like weather returning to Western North Carolina, Blue Ridge Humane Society is preparing for the start…
a collage of a reddish brown dog

Meet Gemini!

Today's Featured Pet is Gemini! Meet Gemini, our Featured Pet this week! Inquisitive, intelligent, and a great thinker; these are all hallmarks of Gemini's personality!…