white and brown hound

Meet Trixie!

Today's Featured Pet is Trixie! Trixie is a really curious girl who loves getting her ears rubbed! She seems to be very playful with other dogs and really has taken to Morticia and Jake. She…
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Volunteers Step Up In New Ways

Volunteers Fill New Roles and Help Out with Huge Impact When you think of volunteering at Blue Ridge Humane Society, what usually comes to mind are visions of the happy hustle and bustle at the Adoption Center as volunteers come and go after…
two photos side by sode, one with a black, older looking dog laying on a dog bed wearing a red bandana and the other a white short haired dog sitting outside with his tongue out

Ella’s Rehoming Happy Tail

Rehoming Leads to More than Second Chances Cynthia adopted Remington from us last year, but it was her rehoming experience that led her to not just one amazing dog, but two. About 4 years ago, Cynthia had adopted Ella from the rehoming…
A brown and black huskie looking dog is outside and has her mouth open in a smile with tongue showing

Meet Kendra!

Today's Featured Pet is Kendra! Kendra is a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG, goofy girl that has no idea how large she is. She is very social with people but hasn't quite learned that some people don't…
Small black dog pulls on leash

Ask Crystal: Reactive Dog 101

Dear Crystal,  My dog pulls a lot and barks at most dogs.  He is a Pomeranian/ Spitz. How do I stop this?  Sincerely,  Barky Pup    Dear Barky, Reactivity is a very common problem in dogs and even yours truly…

Ask Crystal: Puppy Potty Training

Dear Crystal, Our 9-week-old Cocker Spaniel puppy stays in a crate at night. We have been getting up twice to take him outside to pee and poop. We put pee pads in his crate at night, but he still occasionally has an accident. We are sleep…
a grey and white cat sits curled in a basket with a red feather toy
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April Free Pet Food Giveaways

April Free Pet Food Giveaways from Blue Ridge Humane Society Tuesday, March 30 , 2021: Hendersonville, NC – April showers bring additional free pet food giveaways from Blue Ridge Humane Society. Blue Ridge Humane Community Outreach…
a black and white dog stands outside with a happy expression and his tongue out. In the foregraound a hand holds a dandelion.

Meet Bass!

Today's Featured Pet is Bass! Bass is a happy, happy boy! He is incredibly social with people and is ready to explore the world around him. Bass is very curious and would benefit from an active…
A white, brown, and black dog jumps up on hind legs against a neutral background

Ask Crystal: Excited Greeter

Dear Crystal,  How can I get my dog to stop barking and jumping on me before I go out the door and when I come home?  Sincerely,  Excited Greeter    Dear Excited, Excited greetings are an extremely common problem…

Meet Roxy – Adopted!

Today's Featured Pet is Roxy! Roxy is winning over all of our hearts right now but especially her fosters'! She was extremely fearful in a shelter environment but has been blossoming into…