a side view of a woman feeding a treat to a dark colored dog sitting inside a truck
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Free Pet Food Giveaways for the Fall

Free pet food giveaways are available for pet owners in need of support. Hosted by Blue Ridge Humane Society, the giveaways are located across Henderson County and open to anyone who needs help. Blue Ridge Humane Community Outreach staff…
a gray cat lays in a cardboard box with a black cat sitting in the background on top of the box

Ask Crystal: Two Cats are Complicated

Dear Crystal, I have two young cats. Parker is the new guy and Miles the one who was an only cat. They are getting along well generally, playing together, hanging out peacefully in the same spots, using the same litterboxes, etc. The…
silhouette of a large dog sitting facing a woman

Ask Crystal: Adopting A New Dog

Hi! I want to get another dog because I had to put down one of my dogs and my other dog is 11 years old and a female. The only other dogs she knows are neighbor dogs, but I am afraid of what she would do. Help, how can I know?  Sincerely,   Looking…
white dog with black spots and ears stands nose to nose with a short haired tan dog

Ask Crystal: Unwanted Humping Attention

Dear Crystal, Just read your article on humping in dogs. However, I have a totally opposite problem. Our 13-month-old, neutered coonhound seems to inspire other dogs into humping him. He's not particularly submissive by nature and never…
a small brown puppy licks its news

Ask Crystal: Dog Socialization in a Socially Distant World

Dear Crystal,  We got our puppy (lab x standard poodle) during lockdown (in planning for 2yrs!) We did manage a short puppy obedience course and a couple of socialization sessions (without us - puppy dropped off) which he was good at.…
fluffy black cat with green eyes
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New Pet Loss Peer Support Group

Blue Ridge Humane Offers Pet Loss Peer Support Group Blue Ridge Humane Society knows how difficult the loss of a loved pet can be, and to support grieving pet owners, is offering a new peer support group with a professional group moderator. The…