A medium sized brown and white dog rolls in the grass

Ask Crystal: Destructive Adolescent Dog

Dear Crystal,  My dog is 8 months old. He will walk in and out of his crate all day long. I’ll leave the doors open he will lay down for a while, but he likes mainly sleeping on the floor during the day. At night he will fall asleep on…
A light brown puppy licks at a robber toy filled with a snack

Ask Crystal: Destructive Rescue

Dear Crystal, From animal shelter suspected 2 yrs old, May was a stray all her life. Very watchful, loving but extremely destructive. She potties outside, same spots. She takes curtains down and she seems remorseful after. I…
a small light brown puppy lays in a crate with the door open

Ask Crystal: Investigating Destructive Crate Behavior

Dear Crystal,    What to do if my dog keeps pooping in her kennel? She is chewing the floor underneath her kennel and destroys the house at any chance she gets. She has big behavior issues and we have altered her kennel so she has a…