a high-colored dog sits on its rear paws to "high five" a woman crouched down in front of it

Ask Crystal: Protective Dog Keeps Owner to Self

Dear Crystal,  I have a miniature poodle that I have trained from 10 weeks. Circumstances meant that he spent a LOT of time with me in the first two years and he's very attached now. Mostly, this is good. Negatively, it means he can…
a dark brown chihuahua

Ask Crystal: Helping Tater’s Anxiety

Dear Crystal, Help Tater! About 4 months we adopted an eighteen-month-old pug/chihuahua. Sadly, he came from a horrible hoarding situation. His owners were allowing their personal pet pug and chihuahua to freely breed and then putting…
A medium sized white and brown dog stands in front of a background with pink hearts

Ask Crystal: Looking for Love – Adding a New Pet

Hi! I want to get another dog because one of my dogs I had to put down and my other dog is 11 years old and a female. The only other dogs she knows are neighbor dogs, but I am afraid of what she would do. Help, how can I know?  Sincerely,   Looking…