A white dog with brown patch

Ask Crystal: Dealing with Anxiety

Dear Crystal,  We rescued a pit mix 3 years ago. She will occasionally potty in the house. She has very bad separation anxiety on top of sheer terror at the sound of fireworks and/or gunfire. She will run through the house opening doors…
View of a dogs feet with torn pieces of paper spread around

Ask Crystal: To Chew or Not to Chew

Dear Crystal,  We have an almost 5-year-old female German Shepherd who has never been destructive other than with some of her chew toys. Today she destroyed my husband’s workshop. We keep her and her almost 10-year-old brother in…
medium sized light brown dog leaps up towards an outheld human hand

Ask Crystal: Grounding a Jumping Dog

Dear Crystal,  I have an Australian Shepherd who is 15 months. My vet wants me to take him to dog parks but he still jumps up and head buts people. We aren’t supposed to have him on leash in the park so I am unsure how to properly…