Today’s Featured Pet is MonMon!

As the deluge continues and Alberto continues to douse all of us mercilessly, we’re thankful for anything that cheers us up these endless gross, gray days. One of the things that’s making us happy lately is MonMon. Pictured here is the lady herself, enjoying a brief respite from the rain yesterday, with a face that could superimpose rainbows into the darkest visages of the mind. It may be literally impossible to look this dog and not feel an inkling of hope that that we might, one day, again be visited by that bright glowing orb in the sky that we once knew and loved.

MonMon is around 1 year old and a perfect 40 pounds. She’s a fast little meatball, and loves to rocket around our play yards searching for the toys she’s previously hidden. If you enjoy teaching dogs new tricks, MonMon is very food motivated, which should make training fun for both of you. She’s social and happy and should do great with kids, and likely with other dogs with the proper introductions. Plus, she’s been at our shelter over 14 days, making her adoption fee only $20.