Meet Khaki!

Today’s Featured Pet is Khaki!

Khaki is a 2 year old cat has a long history with BRHS. Let us be the first to tell you this kitty has been through the wringer. Khaki was adopted from BRHS as a kitten with her brother, who she loved very much. Khaki ended up being returned to the county shelter two years later with a severe case of stomatis, a painful conditon which causes gum inflammation. Her case was so advanced that she had developed an infected ulcerated mass in her mouth and had understandably stopped eating. Friends, it was gross and sad, and we felt terrible that Khaki had been in pain for so long. We were all too happy to immediately schedule surgery with our friends at Apple Valley Animal Hospital, who extracted all but her two bottom canines, providing Khaki with a new lease on life and an adorable bulldog-esque vibe. Typically, stomatitis resolves once the teeth are extracted, and we are optimistic this will prove the case for Khaki.

So, a little about the woman herself. Khaki is an old soul; a quiet gentle girl that never makes a fuss, even when she had to wait in a cage for weeks to heal from surgery. Khaki is a bit on the shy side, but she’s also deep, wise and dignified. She loves to be sweet talked and a few gentle words get her flopping, or reaching out to you with her little white socks for love. The other great thing about Khaki is she absolutely adores other cats, and bonds incredibly strongly to her favorites, cuddling them and following them around like a puppy. 

We’re so happy to say that Khaki is feeling much better nowadays and is being fostered by the wonderful folks at Wild Birds Unlimited​. Watch her video to see her progression from kitten, to convalescing cat to happy foster shop kitty. We know there must be a happy ending for Khaki, she’s been through too much to settle for anything less. If you would like to meet this beautiful little tabby, please stop by Wild Birds to meet her. There are only a few days left in Adopt a Cat Month, and we couldn’t think of a better ending than this sweet soul finding her new family.