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Meet Our New Executive Director

As Blue Ridge Humane Society celebrates a record-breaking adoption year, staff members are also welcoming Angela Prodrick as the organization’s next executive director. Prodrick officially began her new role Monday. “For the last three years Angela has been an invaluable member of the Blue Ridge Humane Society family,” Caroline Gunther, Blue Ridge Humane Society Board […]


Meet Oreo…

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Oreo! What better kitty to feature on Black Friday than a handsome, nearly perfect tuxedo cat? Seriously guys, we can’t stress enough wonderful guy 2 year old Oreo is. We figure we you may be reading a lot of reviews online today while you shop, so let us stay on […]


Meet Horsey…

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Horsey! We know, we know, don’t ask us how such a cute pup ended up with a name like Horsey. Alas, we are accustomed to it, so Horsey he shall remain for now. At 26 pounds, this 6 year old pup is, what we call in the trade, a Smedium […]


Meet Cheddar…

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Cheddar! Friends, your job today is to find sweet Cheddar a home. Cheddar is a “rare” ginger female; you may have heard this before, but if we’re honest we admit it’s not that rare – about 1 in 5 orange kitties are female. That doesn’t make sweet Cheddar any less […]

Best of Blue Ridge, Best Non-Profit Winner

We are ecstatic to share that you–our volunteers, donors, adopters, sponsors, and supporters have voted us as the Best Non-Profit in the inaugural Best of Blue Ridge by Blueridgenow! We are truly honored, grateful, and excited! Thank you for supporting BRHS and our mission!


Meet Rusty…

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Rusty! Do you like big mutts and you cannot lie? If so, you must know about Rusty. At about 100 pounds, Rusty is big enough to double as a body pillow and holds a deep desire to do just that. A mellow dude whose speed setting usually defaults to “lumber,” […]


Meet Fiona…

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Fiona! Black cats are beautiful, but have a lot to overcome – cultural superstition, competition with their fancier colored brethren, embarrassing milk stains. But did you know that black cats are actually considered lucky in many cultures? And luck is exactly what we believe Fiona (or Miss Princess Fiona Fancypants, […]