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Important COVID-19 Information

UPDATED: March 16, 2020 – 9:00 AM Dear Friend, As a valued member of the Blue Ridge Humane Society family, we would like to update you on our preparation for COVID-19’s effects on Blue Ridge Humane Society and our community. Fortunately, we in the animal sheltering world are professionally prepared to manage disease on a […]


Meet Francisco!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Francisco! Hola friends, presenting the majestic Francisco! If you’re looking for a kitty that you can show off at parties, how about this hunka chunk of fabulous flufferdom? From a sweet and flirty personality to a huge floofy tail that lasts for days, Francisco is a firm believer is either […]

11th Annual Blessing of the Animals

We had a wonderful turnout Saturday at Mills River Presbyterian Church-Pc USA 11th Annual Blessing of the Pets. We’re very thankful to everyone who participated in this moving service on such a beautiful morning. Best of all we raised $300 for our New Hope Medical Fund. Named in honor of a wonderful blind dog named Hope, the […]


Meet Bullwinkle!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Bullwinkle! We can’t wait to tell the world that Bullwinkle is a total catch! Before we go on to talk about his wonderful deeper qualities, can we just take a moment to appreciate what a classic good looking guy this dog is? To use the parlance of our times, his […]


Meet Sheena!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Sheena! If you have a heart the underdogs (or undercats), you know there’s no greater example than a black cat in a shelter. Black cats are the slowest to get adopted, presumably because they carry outdated superstitions about bad luck, but not only are black cats considered GOOD luck in […]


Meet Bubba!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Bubba! Bubba, Bubba-licious, Bubba Gump…whatever you want to call him, Bubba’s cool with it! This easy-going pup has been on the hunt for a home for a while now; we think he’d fit in almost anywhere, so what gives? An affable and outgoing little dude, 7 year old Bubba would […]


Karen’s Happy Tail

Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is Karen! Our least favorite thing is when all the kittens in a litter get adopted, leaving one alone. We were feeling so sad for little Karen, who so lonely waiting to be chosen. Luckily, she didn’t have to wait a very long time before someone fell in love with her […]


Meet Maze!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Maze! The big and beautiful Maze is looking for a special adopter! This sweet, snow white boy has been at our adoption center looking for a home since early June. Maze was originally found as a stray, so we don’t know anything about his life before being at the shelter, […]


Meet Clover!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Clover! Hi, I’m Clover, and boy do I have the cutest snoot in all the land! I may look part anteater, but I’m 100% bona-fide canine. Did someone say bone? Why, I do love toys and things squeaky; in fact a squeaky toy is the quickest way to my heart! […]