Meet Ebi!

Black and white short haired dog wearing a sweater

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Ebi!

Black and white short haired dog wearing a sweater


Oh hi there, I’m Ebi! I’m a big 9 month old pup that’s full of energy and silliness. My friends at the shelter tell me that there are many expressions in the English language that were coined just for me. Among them “barrel of monkeys,” “life of the party,” “let your hair down,” and my favorite: “have a ball!” I am so honored to be the inspiration for such an array of intoxicating idioms. Anyway, a little more about me. I was adopted as a young pup, but had to be returned to the shelter when my family had to move out of the country and couldn’t bring me along. Wah wah. I have lots of energy and would love an active person; the doc does says I’m a little chonky which might account for why I’ve been known to tap out quickly. Want to lose a couple pounds with me? Let’s play! I already know sit and am eager to keep workin’ on my training and hope to find a person who loves teaching me new things.

What else…oh, I almost forgot the best part! I LOVE to play with other dogs! I am so friendly with them, in fact, that I have earned the prestigious title of Resident Dog Tester at the adoption center. My play style is rough and tumble (before I get tired and konk out) so if you have a canine that that needs a play buddy, you should come meet me! I’m such a sweet boy that can’t wait to meet my new best friend. Since I’ve been waiting over 2 weeks for a home, my adoption fee is only $20! Stop by to meet me today, and please share!