Today’s Featured Friday Pets are Grayson and Rambo!

Grayson and Rambo are our two longest term cats that may as well be brothers from another mother. These two boys have a lot in common – both are both senior (12 years) and FIV positive. They haven’t had the greatest luck – owner passing away, ending up stray, getting returned, you name it. Both are very sweet in their own unique ways – Grayson is a quiet lap cat with a gentle demeanor, Rambo is a quirky boy that loves to loiter wherever head scratches are being doled out. Each one will take a very special adopter looking to really make a difference in the life of an animal. Perhaps most notably, both possess a touch of RBF and an unexpected flair for fashion.

Although FIV used to be considered a death sentence, it has been shown that cats can live long, healthy lives with the disease. FIV cats simply need an indoor home where their exposure to disease is limited and a closer eye kept on their health. And since FIV is only spread through deep bite wounds, cat friendly FIV cats can mingle with negative cats – which both Grayson and Rambo have. We know the stigma is still there, which is unfortunate for these two amazing kitties, because they have waited so long to be given a chance. Both of their adoption fees have been sponsored, and it would make our New Year so bright to see one (or both) of them find their new homes. Rambo is the current foster kitty at Wild Birds Unlimited, and Grayson is at our adoption center!